Car Waterproof Nano Hydrophobic Anti-Fog Agent

Car Waterproof Nano Hydrophobic Anti-Fog Agent

Hydrophobic anti-fog Easy to operate Lasting clarity Environmentally friendly Delay aging Keep clean

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Product Details

HCar Waterproof Nano Hydrophobic Anti-Fog Agent 


1. Clean and dry the glass

2. Spray a small amount evenly on the glass surface

3. Evenly wipe the glass surface



Product parameters

product brand


Bottom diameter


Bottle diameter


Full bottle height


net weight


Shelf life

2 years

Point 1                                                                                  

Clear vision                                                                           

Nano-polymer hydrophilic coating, excellent anti-fog effect ensures clear window vision and safe driving


Point 2

Lasting effect

A new generation of nano-organic active ingredients, coated once, aging up to 60 days anti-fog


Point 3                                                                                  

easy and convenient     

A spray and a wipe can form a transparent anti-fog layer, which can be used for glass and transparent surface.


Ponit 4                                                     

Safety and environmental protection

Environmentally friendly standard, non-toxic and tasteless, does not contain any harmful irritating gases

Allplace Car Glass Anti-fog Agent 120ml Long-term Antifoggant Glass




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