Car Led Headlight Restoration And Car Headlamp Remover

Car Led Headlight Restoration And Car Headlamp Remover

​ The product has characteristic of rapid curing speed, energy saving, high production efficiency, fullness and high hardness, suitable for mass production.

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For Professional Car Headlamp Repair Renew Tools Headlight Restoration Kit,

A, After the repair of the coating to achieve a satisfactory effect, the general scratch injury did not penetrate more than 50% of the thickness of the surface of the lamp

B. Identification of the severity of yellowing and cracking oxide layer It is necessary to observe that the surface of the paint is dull, rough, and many cracks that touch the surface of the paint. And then it needs to be polished and coated to reduce and restore.






1)Appliaction:Car lamp, headlight renovation/repair and renew.

2)Spare parts:lids, atomizing cup, nozzle, AC-DC adapter can be buy seperately





Company Information

Brief introduction: trade company

2.R&D center

3.located in the spring city-Jinan Shandong

4,a supplier of all kinds of UV curing materials








Should you are interested in our car led headlight restoration and car headlamp remover, welcome to contact our professional manufacturers. We will offer you the most competitive price, good after-sale service and fast delivery.
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