Car Headlamps Coating Headlight Restoration Kits Auto Headlamp

Car Headlamps Coating Headlight Restoration Kits Auto Headlamp

Make the headlights brighter and more perfect, please read our instructions carefully. Note that this product should not be exposed to the sun and should be kept in the shade. During construction, please wear a mask, not to smell, to smoke, or to eat! This product forbid pregnant woman children and the elderly to contact

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Product Details

How To use Cracked Glass Repair Kit 

Use sand paper to polish the lenses one by one,P180→P360→P600→P800→P1000.(polished time can be slightly longer. Manual operation of a variety of sandpaper grinding time of about 2-3min (try to control in this time, the time is too short grinding is not complete, too long damage to the lamp), to keep the lamp surface is polished in a humid environment; , Must continue to spray to the lamp surface, high heat generated under the heat, and its easy to damage the headlights, while grinding time can be shortened.For deeper scratches or cracks could use P150/P180 to polish)

Pour 80-100ml liquid into the cup,heat aout 3 minutes,then approach the cup to the lense,the steam will make the lense shining again(keep 1cm away from the lense).Let it cool down and recycle the liquid after restoration.




Installation and training

If buyers visit our factory and check the machine, we will teach you how to installand use the machine, and also train your workers/technician face to face.

Without visiting, we will send you user manual and video to teach you to install and operate.

If buyer needs our technician to go to your local factory, please arrange board and lodging and other necessary things.

Video for your reference

More details,please contact Tina Wang directly

Tina Wang


Whatsapp:+86 18615603925

Should you are interested in our car headlamps coating headlight restoration kits auto headlamp, welcome to contact our professional manufacturers. We will offer you the most competitive price, good after-sale service and fast delivery.
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