Car Care Products Car Headlamps Scratch Remover Other Vehicle Tools

Car Care Products Car Headlamps Scratch Remover Other Vehicle Tools

car care products car headlamps scratch remover other vehicle tools

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car care products car headlamps scratch remover other vehicle tools


1. Simple equipment, simple principle, easy to use, easy to learn and operate.

2. For headlight aging, cracks, scratches, flaws. Easy to fix.

3. Quickly fix the headlights in 15-30 minutes.

4. The repair effect is like a new light, high brightness, good transparency , and Long-lasting effect.


For Headlamp repair Kits, One kit box including:

1)one bottle repair liquid(800g, 500ml)

2)one atomizing cup

3)power adapter

4)sand paper



7)Griding Plate

8)One Aluminium alloy case.

car care products car headlamps scratch remover other vehicle tools

1. View the headlights

Repair range: various types of headlights made of plexiglass, acrylic PP, PE, PC, ABS, etc.

Type of repair: yellow, cracked, unclear, scratched (must ensure that the headlights do not penetrate into the inside, ensure that there are no stains in the headlights and whether the plastic corners are intact, whether the headlights are in good condition)

Note: In the case of scratches or yellowing, the crack oxide layer needs to be evaluated for the effect of repairing the coating.

A. After the coating is repaired, the satisfactory effect is obtained. Generally, the scratches are not damaged and exceed 50% of the thickness of the lamp surface.

B. Yellowing, the identification of the severity of the crack oxide layer. The surface of the paint is dull and rough. Many cracks that touch the surface of the paint need to be polished and then coated.

2. (It is easier to add some water to grind when grinding). Grind the sandpaper with 320# for 10 minutes, thoroughly remove the old yellow traces and cracks, and then grind them with 400#, 600# sandpaper for 5 minutes. Then use 800# or 1000# sandpaper for fine grinding for a while. After grinding, dry the water on the headlights with a dry cloth and carefully check whether the sandpaper marks are uniform and uniform. It is best to use a hot air cylinder to light the lamps before atomizing and polishing. It is better to dry and heat the surface and dry faster.

3. Before the coating, the air pipe should be straightened to make the pipe mouth upward, because the hot mist will hit the wall of the cold pipe, and water droplets will form. The water droplets on the pipe will drip on the lamp to affect the effect. Do not cover the area where the atomizing cup is sprayed if it has become translucent. Like the injection of oil, pay attention to the thickness of the uniform, fast and slow coordination. It can be dried in ten minutes after spraying, but it can't be dusted, but it can't be scraped, so it will solidify after a few hours.

4The amount of coating liquid poured into the atomizing cup is preferably between 80 and 100 ml. To prevent the atomizing cup from being dry, the remaining coating solution can be filled in a paper cup and then returned to the glass bottle for supply. Used once. The mist ejection time is generally 5-6 minutes after heating. When the mist is ejected, it is often invisible. When the time is up, the atomization polishing operation can be performed to prevent waste. The atomization time of the two lamps is controlled within 2-3 minutes. It takes a long time for the multi-spray to dry and the filaments are prone to occur.

5. The thickness of the headlights is generally between 4-5 mm, and the depth of the crack layer is usually around 0.1-0.4 mm, so it may be fine to grind it several times.

6. The choice of atomization polishing time is better before noon, because there are several hours of hardening time from the headlights at night. In the afternoon or evening operation, the time for leaving the lamp is too short, the lampshade is different in the table, the degree of thermal expansion and contraction is different after the lamp is turned on, and the effect is naturally poor.


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