Best Windshield Crack Repair Kits For Auto Glass

Best Windshield Crack Repair Kits For Auto Glass

it’s convenient to carry and process,and the effect of the glue curing is great.

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Product Details

Best windshield crack repair kits for auto glass

Product infromation:

Parts’ quantity in the set: 12pcs

Application: auto glass bovine eye and cracks

Power cord:220v

Specification:it’s convenient to process,and the tool is complete.

Configuration list:glass repair resin 10ml*3, grease agent 10mi*3,injection pump 1,bottle 1,uv curing lamp,glass dilator,reflector,blade,polishing plate,polishing cotton,curing lamp bracket,electrodrill,glass drill,polishing powder,injection,cleaning hammer,cleaning brush,curing film,discs,aluminum alloy package.

windshiled repair kits

How to use the windshield repair kits

1.check damage fragment

Use cleaning hammer to clean up glass fragment.

1. paint lubricant

Paint a little lubricant to the sucker

2. install sucker

Sucker is absorbed the glasss surface,make the central hole and the glass cracks are in the same line.

3. install injection pump

Tighten the injection and lock the alignment pin

4. inject repairing liquid

Inject the repairing liquid to the injection,needle should touch the glass through injection hole.

5. install reparation

Tighten the link position between injection and reparation

6. Vacuuming

Pull up the reparation rod,revolve the rod for 90 degrees, fix the rod,vacuum for 2-3minutes,till free from bubbles.

7. examine the bubbles via reflector

The bubble is smaller and smaller to disappear when vacuuming

8. Compress

After bleeding,push the rod,lock the nut

11.examine cracks

Examine the cracks till disappear

12.stick the curing film,could be used over and over again

13.curing,stick the curing film,make the liquid fully absorb the light

14.clean the redundant liquid,remove the film,let the blades perpendicular to the glass,scrap off redundant liquid,completed.

2019 best kits

Attention for windshield repair kits

1.there is no need to polish the windshield dilator perhaps could make the cracks bigger and break the glass film

3.If the damage is more than 20mm,please dont repair,need to exchange the glass

4.the place is cool and dry,off sunlight.

windshield repair kits

windshield repair kits

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