Automotive Electronic Stethoscope Mechanical Fault Stethoscope Car

Automotive Electronic Stethoscope Mechanical Fault Stethoscope Car

Automotive electronic stethoscopes are also known as mechanical failure stethoscopes. Can easily check the car early hidden trouble, facilitate the early maintenance of the car, so as to ensure the normal operation of each equipment, to avoid the damage of equipment and cause huge economic losses.

Product Details

图片1technical parameters

1. Frequency rate response: 100Hz--10kHz

2. Input impedance >15M

3. Allow 100dB ambient noise

4. Ambient temperature -10℃--+55℃

5. The power supply is 9V battery

6. 300 g in weight

Product features and functions

1. This instrument is assembled by IC circuit and transistor. It has the advantages of small size, light weight and convenient operation. It is an effective tool for equipment maintenance personnel.

2. This instrument is equipped with a highly sensitive probe, which can detect the parts where any mechanical noise is emitted.

The tremors of valves, the tremors of tongs, the tremors of loose piston gears and pumps, and the sounds of solenoids operating in relays can be clearly detected. It can also detect the status of liquid flow and blockage in pipelines, the running status of various engines, motors, internal combustion engines and household appliances, and the dynamic state of automatic assembly lines in industrial and mining enterprises.

Main USES of the product

This instrument can be widely used in automobile, shipbuilding, metallurgy, chemical industry, household appliances, machine tools and machinery industries.

Method of use

Remove the battery cover and install the 9V battery. Install the battery cover

Install long or short probes according to the actual situation

Plug in the earphone and take the earphone well

Turn the volume knob to turn on the power

The indicator light indicates that the instrument is in working state

6 continue to turn the volume knob, and the earphone will hear a slight rustle, indicating that the instrument is working normally

7 touch the probe gently with your hand, and the earphone will hear hiss, indicating that the instrument is normal and can be monitored

In general, short probe can be used for monitoring. When short probe cannot be detected, long probe can be used.photobank (54)photobank (2)

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