Allplace Windshield Repair

Allplace Windshield Repair

allplace windshield repair

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Configuration List

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Vacuum pump assembly1
Nylon bracket1 
Special electric drill1
Special drill1 IMG_20181031_104938.jpg
polishing agent

observation mirror

Curing lamp
Curing plascti sheet


Application method:

1. Newcomers are forbidden to operate outside! For skilled professionals, when operate outside you should make full preparation to prevent the Resin adhesive solidified while repairing.


2. After washing the car or it has been sprayed with glass water, make sure the glass is completely dry and then repair. Avoid water for 24hours before repairing.


3. It is best to control the glass temperature in winter at more than 15 degrees, and the summer glass temperature can be controlled at 30 degrees, which can be adjusted by air conditioning in the car.


4. When finishing the operate the glue should be blown out from the needle tube to prevent the Resin Adhesive solidified. The glue need to be kept away from the light.



The repairing resin glue is an anaerobic adhesive. When the glass is broken, the transparent film is used to cut off the oxygen, so that the resin under the film is rapidly solidified under ultraviolet light. The resin that flows under the breakage does not cure because there is no film covering and no oxygen is cut off.

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