Allplace Tool Kit For Headlight Repair

Allplace Tool Kit For Headlight Repair

Features: No need to use high temperature baking lamp, no need to polish, no need to disassemble the headlights, no yellowing in three or five years. Configuration list: portable suitcase, power adapter, coated cup, two kinds of cover, car power supply, leather pad, funnel, coating liquid, mask, sandpaper, sanding board, textured paper

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For Professional Car Headlamp Repair Renew Tools Headlight Restoration Kit, One kit box including:


Matters Needing Attention


1.    The original coating layer on the surface of the lamp should be thoroughly polished. The surface of the lamp that is not polished completely will not be coated.


2. Do not tilt the coated cup more than 55 degrees during operation to prevent the droplets from dripping on the surface.


3. When there is no coating liquid in the cup or the coating liquid in the coating cup is used up, please disconnect the power supply.


4. Please wear a mask and work in a well-ventilated place. If the coating solution accidentally enters the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical attention. If you inadvertently inhale a large amount of steam, move quickly to fresh air and keep the airway open.






1) chemical liquid:One bottle is about 800g, 24/16 bottles   one carton

 2)Headlight restor kit: one set one paper box, 10 paper boxes one carton



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  We manufacture all kinds of industrial adhesive and accessory accelerator, please feel free to contact us once there is any need or question.

Should you are interested in our allplace tool kit for headlight repair, welcome to contact our professional manufacturers. We will offer you the most competitive price, good after-sale service and fast delivery.
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