2020 Car Repair Tools Headlight Refurbished Tools/Restore Head Lamp Car Kits

2020 Car Repair Tools Headlight Refurbished Tools/Restore Head Lamp Car Kits

Repair Range: plexiglass, acrylic PP, PC, PE, ABS and various types of other materials headlights Repair type: yellow appearance, crack, blurred, scratched; Function: Car headlight lamp repair, renew, restoration. Tina Wang Whatsapp:+86 18615603925 Email:allplace009@allplace.cn

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2020 Car repair tools Headlight Refurbished Tools/Restore Head Lamp Car Kits

工具 (3)


Clean the surface of the lamp with a clean towel, and paste 2-3 layers of paper tape on the periphery of the headlight to prevent the car paint from being sanded by mistake.


Choice of sandpaper

       Select different sandpapers according to the severity of the headlights. For severely cracked headlights, you can use sandpaper around 150-180 # to start sanding. If it is yellow and has no cracks, you can directly use 240 sandpaper to start sanding.

Note for polishing headlights:

First use 150 # -180 # to grind severe cracks and scratches

Large area is polished in one direction (such as horizontal polishing), and the edges can be polished freely

The second step is to replace the 240 # sandpaper, the purpose is to quickly remove the sandpaper marks from the first step, so when changing the sandpaper model, you should change the sanding direction (vertical). The edges are not free to be sanded.

The third step is to replace the 320 # sandpaper. The meaning is the same as above. For each type of sandpaper, change the direction of sanding! Although the edges are freely polished, the rough sandpaper texture must also be polished away.

Step 4: 500 #

Step Five: 800 #

Step 6: 1200 # [Key explanation] It is recommended to use 1200 # or 1500 # in the final polishing step, because after the car headlight is polished, the best leveling effect can be achieved, and the brightness of the repaired headlight is the highest.

2000 # sandpaper is too thin, the material usage is less, and the smoothing effect is not good, so there will be a hazy feeling 

Part 7: Heat Repair

1: Pour the material into the cup about 1/3, not too much, you can stay for a while when the sandpaper texture is uneven.

2: When the headlights are about to be repaired, you can power off the cups in advance and use the residual temperature inside the cups to fumigate the headlights. When the headlights are all repaired, the temperature in the cups will drop. This way you can save material!




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