Shandong Allplace Car Headlmap Restore Kit

Shandong Allplace Car Headlmap Restore Kit

Shandong Allplace Car Headlmap Restore Kit

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be713703Allplace Headlamp Restore Kit


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Good lighting provides safer driving conditions, Allplace’s headlamp repair tools can help your headlamps out of scratches, oxidation, cracks and blurring problems in the shortest time and most cost-effectively. 

汽车大灯修复工具老款 (6)

 How to use:

First of all, Cover the grinding plate with sandpaper to polish the lights with water, use sandpaper from coarse to fine for multiple burnish make sure it’s polished evenly. Polish until the surface is equality foggy. Clean the surface after polish, keep it dry and clear.

Secondly Assemble the coating cup, pour in about a third to a half of  product, cover the lid and heat it up for three minutes.

After that hold the cup and aim the straw mouth at the surface to be fumigated. Do not repeat the operation.

Cut off the power and let it dry naturally. Funnel the remaining liquid back into the bottle and tighten the cup. 

Headlamp repair tool kit Professional Headlight restoration tool


Steam Restoration Restor Liquid Allplace Headlamp Remover Chemical Polishing of Car Headlights

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Company Background:

Shandong Allplace Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd, established in March 1999, has been devoted to researching and development, manufacturing and selling of UV curing raw material, glue and coatings.


Sep 2014, our international trading department was founded to serve the rapidly growing number of our oversea clients.


May 2018, a new product line of automobile maintenance products was launched based on UV curing glue and varnish, including headlight and windshield repairing tools.


By last year, we have clients from over 70 countries and regions over the world. The annual sales of raw material has reached 2000 tons, and the annual sales of headlight repair tools has reached 100,000 sets.


Allplace Headlamp Remover Steam Headlight Polishing Set Car Light Headlight Restoration Liquid UV

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Headlamp repair tool kit Professional Headlight restoration tool

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Should you are interested in our shandong allplace car headlmap restore kit, welcome to contact our professional manufacturers. We will offer you the most competitive price, good after-sale service and fast delivery.
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