Glass Coating 9h Car Nano Paint Ceramics Coating

Glass Coating 9h Car Nano Paint Ceramics Coating

Glass coating 9h Car nano paint ceramics Coating

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Glass coating 9h Car nano paint ceramics Coating


Glass coating 9h  Car nano paint ceramics Coating

Liquid color

Transparent color




9 H

Application method



10 boxes


1.Permanent Protection

2.Scratch Resistance

3.Super Hydrophobic Effect

4.Thermal Resistance(up to 680 degree)


Operation method of Glass coating 9h  Car nano paint ceramics Coating:
1. Cleaning and treatment: a. Clean and dry the paint first; b. If the paint is in poor condition, it needs to be polished;

c. Stained dirt can be degreased with high-efficiency degreaser; d. Rinse well to ensure that the paint surface is dry and free of impurities.
2, coating liquid construction: 60*60cm area block construction (one-fourth hood) a. "Professional film cloth" wrapped in the soft side of

the sponge, the plating liquid poured on the "professional film cloth" Upper, evenly apply liquid to the paint surface;

b. Wait 10 minutes (low temperature and wait longer) Use a clean dry towel, stack the squares and evenly circle (like a circle) and rub it

a few times Until polished and without any traces of wiping. Note: Do not wipe off the stock solution too hard

3. Please check video link and see how to use MR FIX 9H Auto Ceramics Coatings

Shandong ALLPLACE Environment Protection Technology Co,Ltd establish in March 1999,which

devotes to the research and development, production and sales of UV curing products.We accept

customization according to  customs’ requirements as a technology manufacturing enterprise.

In 2004,We established our own international trade department.And the products have done

certifications of SGS,REACH,MSDS,SDS to facilitate the cooperation with our global customers.


Should you are interested in our glass coating 9h car nano paint ceramics coating, welcome to contact our professional manufacturers. We will offer you the most competitive price, good after-sale service and fast delivery.
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