Car Care Products Rubber Renovation Agent Like New

Car Care Products Rubber Renovation Agent Like New

Interior renovation agent can effectively maintain the elasticity of the tire rubber. Long-term use can increase the service life of the tire and rubber, delay aging and have a long-lasting gloss after use, which is dustproof. It contains no surfactants and solvents that disrupt the properties of the tire. It forms a high-density protective film on the surface of the tire with high water repellency, oil resistance, stain resistance and super durable properties.

Product Details

1. The original liquid after unsealing is recommended to be used once, and the unused stock solution should be sealed at room temperature.
2. It must be carried out in strict accordance with the required steps as indicated in the instructions.
3. Do not mix with other similar products to avoid the decline of product efficacy.

50ml plastic retreading agent*1



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