Allplace Car Lamp Solid Liquid Separation

Allplace Car Lamp Solid Liquid Separation

Advantages: 1. Simple operation: no impurities, no pigment 2. Fast separation: the latest upgrade product is fast, with high efficiency of 800g 3. No damage to headlamp: this product is non-corrosive to headlamp housing, lamp cover, lamp surface and electroplate. 4. Very practical: easy to fix the headlamp repair

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Allplace Car lamp solid liquid separation


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11.jpgDischarge Tester:Test car dischargeQQ20180919160933.jpg

Light steps:

1. High-temperature baking lamp headlights: The oven is set to 120-150°, and the headlights are placed in a professional oven for 5-10 minutes. The lower the temperature, the longer the time.

2. Inject the separation solution: After the baking lamp is completed, take out the cold gel separation liquid.

3. Use the tool to remove: then use the tool (cold glue knife) to open along the edge of the liquid, when stuck, add some liquid.

4. Complete the separation: After 5 minutes, complete the operation.


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