Allplace Brake Fluid Tester

Allplace Brake Fluid Tester

Allplace Brake Fluid Tester

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Allplace Brake Fluid Tester



ü Product description

Product name: Automobile Brake Fluid Tester

Shelf life: 2 years

Function: Identify the quality of brake oil according to the light colour.

Appearance: As shown in the figure.

Application: Automotive brake fluid


1. Wipe off the outer surface of the probe head; Leave it in dry air or completely insert into the new brake fluid.

2. After pressing the red button for a few seconds, adjust the “Fine Turning” switch clockwise until the second 

green light is on. Then turn the “Fine Turning” anticlockwise until the second green indicator light just goes off.

 Complete these steps and you are ready to test.

3. Insert the probe head into the brake fluid. After pressing the red button for several seconds, estimate the state 

of the brake fluid according to the indicator lights.

4. Please wipe off the probe with a tissue after use.



Package & Delivery

 0.5 kg/piece  22*17*5cm

1.5 kg/3 pieces  23.5*19.2*19.5cm

9 kg/18 pieces  60.5*48.5*21.5cm

Company background:

Shandong Allplace Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd, established in March 1999, has been devoted 

to researching and development, manufacturing and selling of UV curing raw material, glue and coatings.

Sep 2014, our international trading department was founded to serve the rapidly growing number of our oversea clients.

May 2018, a new product line of automobile maintenance products was launched based on UV curing glue and varnish,

 including headlight and windshield repairing tools.

By last year, we have clients from over 70 countries and regions over the world. The annual sales of raw material has

 reached 2000 tons, and the annual sales of headlight repair tools has reached 100,000 sets.





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