50ml Bottle Car Body Usage Nano Ceramic Coating

50ml Bottle Car Body Usage Nano Ceramic Coating

Nano ceramic coating 50ml/bottle Hardness:5H Shelf life:3 year

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Product Description

     50ml Bottle Car Body Usage Nano Ceramic Coating 


product brand


Bottom diameter


Bottle diameter


Full bottle height


net weight


Shelf life

2 years


Product features and functions
1. Improve luster: Deep nourishment makes the car shine as new.
2, anti-scratch: hard crystal coating, high efficiency protective paint.
3, high temperature resistance: unique formula, high temperature does not hurt the paint surface.
4, anti-corrosion: the film layer is isolated from bird ash acid rain corrosion.
5, hydrophobic antifouling: lotus leaf hydrophobic effect
6. Delay aging.

50ml Bottle Car Body Usage Nano Ceramic Coating

50ml Bottle Car Body Usage Nano Ceramic Coating



How to use 50ml Bottle Car Body Usage Nano Ceramic Coating ?



50ml Bottle Car Body Usage Nano Ceramic Coating


Usage video can be sent to you for your reference if you need.




 1. When applying the plating liquid, it is recommended to construct the partition. The area of the hood is about 1/4 of the size of the hood. It is strictly forbidden to apply a large area at a time to ensure that the lacquer surface has no rainbow pattern and then the lacquer surface of the next area is plated. The analogy to the whole car processing is completed.
2. Do not touch the water within 24 hours after the plating is completed. Do not expose to rain within 3 days. Do not wash the car within 7 days.


Packaging & Shipping

 1. Existing packaging: 50ml 120ml 300ml Shelf life: 2 years
2, storage: store in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight.A66



Q1: Why we choose you?
A:Five reasons:
1. More than ten years uv manufaturing.
2. Full insurance.
3. 100%quality checking before delivery.
4. Refund or replacement for product faulty.
5. 24 hours technical support by e-mail or telephone.


Q2: Can I get some samples before ordered?
A:Yes, free sample can be provided if needed.

Q3: How's the products' price and the factory's efficience?
A:As a manufacturer, we can offer you the most compatitve price and fast delivery.
It will be about 5 days after the payment done.

More details, please contact us

Tina Wang


Whatsapp:+86 18615603925


Should you are interested in our 50ml bottle car body usage nano ceramic coating, welcome to contact our professional manufacturers. We will offer you the most competitive price, good after-sale service and fast delivery.
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