9H Auto Ceramic Nano Coating/30ml Nano Car Glass Coating

9H Auto Ceramic Nano Coating/30ml Nano Car Glass Coating

9H Auto Ceramic Nano Coating/30ml Nano Car Glass Coating

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Product Description

      9H Auto Ceramic Nano Coating/30ml Nano Car Glass Coating


Name: 9H car nano crystal coating
Type: Automotive Liquid Ceramic Jacket
Material: nanomaterials such as polysiloxane
Concentration: crystallization 52%
Hardness: 9H hardness
Coating thickness: 30um
Gloss: Excellent gloss effect, mirror-like

Time: Crystal paint protection for 2 years, gloss for 1 year
Heat resistance: up to 760 degrees


Uses: Used for body paint, headlights, steel wheel hubs, window glass (recommended not for windshield).




MR FIX 9H Auto Ceramics Coatings

Liquid color

Transparent color




9 H

Application method



10 boxes


1.Permanent Protection

2.Scratch Resistance

3.Super Hydrophobic Effect

4.Thermal Resistance(up to 680 degree)



How to use 9H Auto Ceramic Nano Coating/30ml Nano Car Glass Coating?


1. Clean the surface of the headlamp;


2. According to the aging condition, polish the surface with coarse and fine sandpaper respectively, and then coat the product evenly (no need to polish).


Product features: plating crystal components, six months lasting, simple operation





Packaging & Shipping

Specifications: 30ML / bottle (available for a large SUV car)
Packing: opp bag / color box
Weight: 95g/150g
Color box size: 10.2*6.6*5.2cm
Sponge size: 80*40*20cm
Bottle size: height 84cm, bottom diameter 34cm
Opp bag size: 100*130cm
Appearance: transparent liquid7.jpg


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