UV LOCA Glue for Smart Phone Repairing

UV LOCA Glue for Smart Phone Repairing
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Product Details

UV LOCA glue is one component UV curable adhesive and can be quickly cured under UV light, colorless, high transmittance, low shrinkage, low hardness, yellowing resistance, low water absorption, good optical properties, non-corrosive, for ITO, FPC have safety.


Typical Usage

Be mainly used in optical components of the adhesive, especially suitable for touch screen display glass .


Properties Uncured                                                                                                        

  Typical ValueRangeTest Standard
AppearanceColorless liquid    
Chemical TypeModified acrylate    
Viscosity (mpa.s)   1800-2500GB/T 2794-1995
Density (g/cm3)0.940.92-0.97GB/T 13354-1992
UV curing depth ( mm )5    
100 mW/cm2 cured for 30 seconds


Curing Condition Recommended

Use of 100 mW/cm2 and 365nm light source and irradiated for 30 seconds.


Performance After Cured

(100 mW/cmand 365nm light source and irradiated for 30 seconds.)


Physical Property                 


  Typical Value RangeTest Standard
Hardness(Shore 00)     <40   GB/T 2411-1980
Tensile strength(MPa)     >0.2   GB/T 1040-2006
Elongation at Break(%)   210     GB 1040-1992
Volume shrinkage(%)     <2   ISO 3521-1997
Water absorption rate%(24h@25°C)       <2.0   GB/T 1034-1998
Index of refraction   1.51     GB/T 7962-1987
Haze, %     <0.2   ASTM D1003
Transmittance ( % )     >99   GB/T 7962-1987


Direction For Use

Dispensing, a double Y type or I-shaped pattern sizing. As the middle, around little sizing, because the middle glue to spread around, can reduce the bubbles

Wipe the glue with acetone, alcohol, petroleum ether, isopropyl alcohol solvent.

The use of the product, avoid shake product. Placing products, needles placed face down.

the glue need 365nm wavelength ultraviolet irradiation for curing ,recommended curing conditions in 3000mj/cm2.

Bonding material surface should be clean and no pollution, can obtain the optimal intensity.

Curing speed depends on the intensity of the ultraviolet light source and adhesive layer, distance and other factors.

After use, shall be immediately put the lid on. Sizing process requires the use of black or brown hose.



Keep away from children.

The workshop should be adequate ventilation.

Wash with soapy water if on skin.

Wash with a lot of soapy water and then go for doctor if in eyes.

For more information, please refer to MSDS.






12 months sealed at 8-28°C.

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