UV Chemicals Raw Material Uv Monomer Hydroxypropyl Methacrylate CAS 27813-02-1

UV Chemicals Raw Material Uv Monomer Hydroxypropyl Methacrylate CAS 27813-02-1

characteristic & function 1.Colorless and transparent liquid,it could be miscible with water in any proportion,and easy miscible with majority organic solvent. 2.It’s easy to polymerize and inflammable. 3.It has high boiling point,low viscosity and low Tg. 4.It’s reactivity is moderate,with hydroxy,which is favourable for improving adhesion to polar materials. 5.It’s more irritation and toxic to skin 6.With acryloxy and hydroxy,it can react with isocyanate,and it’s raw material for preparing PUA.

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Product Details

Main usage

1.It can be used to produce adhesives, thermosetting coatings, as modifiers for synthetic resin copolymers, as well as lubricating oil additives.

2.As a functional monomer, as a cross-linking monomer of acrylic resin, it can improve the product's viscosity, weather resistance, drug resistance, impact resistance and gloss.

3.It can be used to manufacture synthetic resins, fibre treatment agents, latex, printing ink, medical materials, etc.

Instrument manual

1.Hazard class of HPA is 8, more than one ton, need to deal with dangerous package certificate

2.It can be used as a diluent to form linear polymers and improve weather resistance and adhesion. It is often used in conjunction with bifunctional and multifunctional monomers.

Range in formulars
The additive amount in formula products is generally 10-30%. The specific proportion of additions depends on the application requirements of raw materials and final products.


1. Storage container:Active diluents should be stored in opaque, dark, dry iron barrels lined with phenolic resin or polyethylene or dark polyethylene barrels. Iron or copper containers can cause polymerization and should avoid contact with such materials.

2.Storage temperature below 30 degrees, preferably around 10 degrees, avoid direct sunlight.

3.Avoid contact with oxidants, initiators and substances that produce free radicals. The shelf life of the product is one year, and the product should be used within six months to get the best results.

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