Photoinitiators 1173 25kg/drum Liquid CAS: 7473-98-5

Photoinitiators 1173 25kg/drum Liquid CAS: 7473-98-5

Photoinitiator 1173, light yellow liquid initiator, it has excellent solubility in organic solvents. And it is usually used with other photoinitiators such as TPO, 819 and so on. 1173 is most suitable for high yellowing resistence uv coatings.

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Photoinitiators 1173 25kg/drum liquid photoinitiator CAS: 7473-98-5



Ink, varnish and other substrates such as paper, metal, plastic.High absorption rate, suitable for ink and color coating, especially for image technology, such as offset printing ink, screen printing ink, printing plate making, etc.The electronic industry, such as lithography, the dosage should be tested and determined.Recommended usage: 4-6% offset printing ink, 1-4% screen printing ink, 0.5-1%UV 905, 0.1-1% varnish, 2-5% UV184.


Key Property:Surface curing, yellowing resistance, high cost performance .

Sample:We can provide sample for you test and can be direct delivery sent to door.



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