Nail Polish Topcoat ACMO(Acryloyl Morpholine)cas No.5117-12-4

Nail Polish Topcoat ACMO(Acryloyl Morpholine)cas No.5117-12-4

Although it is a monofunctional monomer, it provides low skin irritation(primary irritation index (P.I.I.) = 0.5). With low vapor pressure, it has little irritating smell. As a monomer with low viscosity and high curability, it may be used as a reactive diluent for ultraviolet curable resins. ACMO homopolymer is excellent in heat resistance and flexibility. The ACMO monomer is compatible with water and organic solvents whereas ACMO homopolymer is insoluble in water and organic solvents.

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Nail polish topcoat ACMO(Acryloyl morpholine)cas no.5117-12-4

Product infor


1.Reactive diluents for ultraviolet curable resins

2.Coating materials

3.Oil field polymers


Chemical formula C7H11NO2

Molecular weight 141.17

Appearance Colorless or yellowish clear liquid

Gravity 1.122

Refractive index 1.508

Boiling point 158℃(50mmHg)

Freezing point <-35℃

Viscosity 12mPa・s(25℃)

Surface tension 44.61 mN/m

Flash point 130°C(Cleveland)

Solubility Soluble in water and organic solvents, insoluble in n-haxane

Hygroscopicity 1.8g/100g(20℃、60RH%)

Tg(Glass transition temp.) 145℃

Acryloyl morpholine

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