Mr.Fix 9H Car Anti-sacratch Nano Ceramic Coating

Mr.Fix 9H Car Anti-sacratch Nano Ceramic Coating

Product Characteristics & Functions 1.promoting glossy: deep nourishing making car gloss as new 2.Sacratch resistance: hard crystal layer,high efficency protecting car paint 3.High-temperature resistance: unique formular,high temperature not demaging lacquer surface 4.Anti-corrosion: crystal layer isolating birds droppings and acid rain corrosion 5.Hydrophobic and antifouling: hydrophobic effect of lotus leaves 6.Delay aging

Product Details

Instruction manual

1.Thoroughly clean dirt on automobile surface with detergent 

2.The surface is then processed to grind,polish and restore(only removing oxid and wax layer for car without sacratch)

3.The surface is then processed to degrease(alcohol replacing), drop degrease on towel, gently make a round trip to wipe surface several times, deeply cleaning the polishing site.

4. The surface is then processed to plate ceramic coating, wrap the crystal cloth on the sponge,drop ceramic coating on the cloth, crossover paint in sequence.

5.Using special fiber towel to paint extra ceramic coating in sequence till the surface is brilliant.

6.Two hours after the fifth step is completed, painting another protector,will promote gloss,smoothness and endurance.

4.It's completed,the car has taken on a new look.

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