2020 Transparent Monomer IBOA Isobornyl Acrylate CAS 5888-33-5

2020 Transparent Monomer IBOA Isobornyl Acrylate CAS 5888-33-5

Apperance:Transparent Liquid Purity:97% Package:200kgs/drum 1 kg sample is ok

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Product Details

1.Properties for IBOA  :

This product is used in adhesives, specialty coatings, with the characteristics of high

activity, high hardness, and low shrinkage.

 IBOA (18)

2.Specification for IBOA:

AppearanceClear & Transparent
Color (Gardner)1
Ester content %98
Moisture Content %0.1
Polymer Content %NONE
(MEHQ) Inhibitor Content ppm100
As a reactive diluent in radiation-curable coating (inks),IBOA can significantly reduce the internal stress of the coating and reduce the volume shrinkage of the coating ,thereby signficantly improving the adhesion,shrinkage,impact resiatance ,acratch resistance and weather resistance of the radiation-cured coating without reducingits hardness and flexiility

3.Usage for IBOA : 

It is widely applied in adhesives, coatings and inks, etc..


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