Hydroxypropyl Acrylate,UV Curable Monomer, 97% HPA

2-Hydroxypropyl acrylate is produced by esterification reaction of acrylic acid and epoxy propane under the effect of catalyst and inhibitor

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Product:Hydroxypropyl acrylate,UV curable monomer, 97% HPA


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cas868-77-9 hema

2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate


Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid         
Ester Content: 98.5%min                         
Color  : 30# max                                
Free Acid:0.3% min                            
Water Content :0.3% min                          
Inhibitor level:20ppm min


Purity:98.5% min 
+CAS No.: 868-77-9 
+Use:Industrial grade 
+Assessed Supplier 
+Name:2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate 98.5% min

purity: 98.5% min

Colourless and transparent liquid


Physical Characteristics     colorless transparent liquid, easy to polymerize, boiling point: 950C  (1333.22Pa) , soluble with water, alcohol, ether and other organic solvents.


usage    The product is mainly employed to fabricate thermosetting coatings, fiber-treating agent, photo sensitive resin, adhesive and medical macromolecular materials, etc.


Cautions for transportation and usage  

1. Avoid exposing in sunshine, covered with insulated materials when stored outdoor.

2. Avoid entry of water for it can accelerate polymerization.

3. Storage period: half an year under common temperature

4. Avoid collision when transported, leakage should be swilled out with water.

5. Corrosive to skin and mucosa, wash with water after touch


Package       200kg iron-plastic drum or plastic drum

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