High Quality Thinner Monomer HPMA 27813-02-1

High Quality Thinner Monomer HPMA 27813-02-1

1. Used in the coatings industry as a formulation with epoxy resins, diisocyanates, melamine formaldehyde resins, and in the manufacture of two-component coatings. 2. It is used as an additive for lubricating oil washing in the oil and fat industry and can be used as a chemical reagent in analytical chemistry. 3. Crosslinkable monomers that can be used to make solvent or emulsion acrylate adhesives.Copolymerization with other acrylic monomers produces an acrylic resin containing a reactive hydroxyl group. 4. It can be used to manufacture natural or synthetic fiber treatment agents, other synthetic resins and ink modifiers and etc.

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