Factory Price ACMO (Acryloymorpholine) CAS NO: 5117-12-4 UV Monomer

Factory Price ACMO (Acryloymorpholine) CAS NO: 5117-12-4 UV Monomer

Itme Specification CAS No 5117-12-4 Functionality 1 Chemical Formula C12H11NO2 Molecular weight 141.08 Density 1.122g/ml Boiling piont 158°C Flash piont 113°C Item Parameter Appearance Clear liquid Chroma(APHA) 99

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ACMO has certain adhesion to polar substrates, low odor, low shrinkage, fast cure rate, solvent resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and is widely used in UV coatings such as UV adhenives and UV inks, such as UV. Light-curing coatings, UV flexo printing, screen printing inks, inkjet inks, waterborne UV coatings and UV adhesives.

ACMO has five characteristics: curing speed, flexibility, hardness, adhesion, safety.

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