CAS NO.818-61-1Hydroxyethyl Acrylate/HEA Liquid Monomer

CAS NO.818-61-1Hydroxyethyl Acrylate/HEA Liquid Monomer

UV diluent/Thinner (active monomers) Directly as active monomer, react in the formula (such as plastic spraying, UV wood coatings, gusset plate paint, vacuum plating paint, paper varnish etc.), have a good dilution effect, and the adhesion is improved.

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1. Synthesise the raw material


As the (meth) hydroxyl acrylate has hydroxyl, so it could react with many functional groups to synthesise polymer materials:


synthesise thermosetting acrylic resin, and use  amino resin to make baked coating;


Synthesise UV resin, such as amino acrylate, polyester acrylates and urethane acrylates.


Synthesise adhesive, fiber finishing agent (UV glue, acrylic adhesive, etc.)

 2:Other monomers and packing


Company Information trade company

2.R&D center

3.located in the spring city-Jinan Shandong

4,a supplier of all kinds of UV curing materials





We manufacture all kinds of industrial adhesive and accessory accelerator, please feel free to contact us once there is any need or question.



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