Allplace Supply UV Monomer 99% Purity DPHA Cas:29570-58-9

Allplace Supply UV Monomer 99% Purity DPHA Cas:29570-58-9

Product name High-performance DPHA UV Monomer Appearance Clear Liquid Chroma (APHA) 99 Water content % Chat Now

Product Details


DPHA is not a flammable hazardous chemical, but storage should be stored in a well-ventilated warehouse, avoiding direct sunlight, heat insulation, and avoid contact with strong oxidants.DPHA014

Speciality :

It can increase the hardness of film former,meanwhile to maintain and fortify its elasticity,and improve the glossiness,brightness, adhesive force,levelling property

,rub resistance,ageing resistance and non-corrosibility of the polymers.

Applied :

For uv glue

For UV resin

For adhesives

For radiation curing floor varnish

For inks and coatings

For metallic paint

For automotive paint

For CD surface coating



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 We manufacture all kinds of industrial adhesive and accessory accelerator, please feel free to contact us once there is any need or question.

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