ACMO (Acryloymorpholine) CAS No:5117-12-4

ACMO (Acryloymorpholine) CAS No:5117-12-4

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Product description

CAS No5117-12-4
Chemical FormulaC12H11NO2
Molecular weight141.08
Boiling piont158°C
Flash piont113°C
AppearanceClear liquid
Acid content(mg KOH/g,%)<0.3
Moisture(Karl Fisher,%)<0.1
Ester Content(GC,%)>99

acmo ACMO


ACMO to various substrate has certain adhesion,low odor,low shrinkage rate,fast curing rate,solvent resistance,corrosion resistance,acid and alkali,is widely used in UV coatings UV adhenives and UV Ink field,such as UV light curing coating,UV flexo printing,silk screen printing ink,inkjet ink,water-based UV coatings and UV glue,has five characteristic:curing rate,dutility,hardness,adhesion,security(no scent,without excitan

Packaging: 200kg/drum (Iron drum),and IBC drum with metal frame and ISO-TANK.

Storage:Product with dark sealed has certain adhension,placed in the dark,away from heat,cool and ventilated place,storage temperature is below 35/C,shelf life is 12moths.If you use it exceedede shelf life,it need to retest the technical indicators,must be qualified before use.



Asian countries can receive it in about one week;European countries about 7-12 days;More remote countries take about 7-15 days.Specific dates vary according to the customs situation of each country.


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