A6 Mirror Coating For Glass

A6 Mirror Coating For Glass

A6 mirror coating for glass, from Shandong Allplace.

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Product Details

product description

This product uses a glass exterior surface to form a surface on the glass surface.

A new fluorosilicon nano-hydrophobic coating allows water droplets to slide down quickly. this

Because the coating has good hydrophobic and anti-oil function, it will not only not affect

The transparency of the glass will also enhance the cleanliness of the glass.

Degree, greatly improved the driving safety of driving in the rainy season. Can be made

It is a must for the car owner's daily driving safety.


product brand


Bottom diameter


Bottle diameter


Full bottle height


net weight


Shelf life

2 years


1. Do not put the liquid after application in a completely dry environment.

2, do not use a lot

3, do not use a sprayer to concentrate on spraying in one place

4. In the case of a lot of dirt, remove the dirt in advance.

5. It is forbidden to use the glass surface in the state of water withdrawal.

6, prohibited to use outside the car glass surface

7, use in the case of ventilation

8, not drinkable

9. Put it out of reach of children.

10, after entering the eyes, be sure to wash with water, if there are abnormal circumstances, please seek medical attention as soon as possible.


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