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Welcome to Allplace!
Shandong Allplace Enviromental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was formed in 1999 to manufacture UV curing monomers and terminal products, UV glue, UV varnish and resins.
We believe that there is a place in the marketplace for people who are dedicated to finding good solutions to customers' problems, rather than selling a fixed product. This philosophy has served Allplace well for almost 20 years and it is still true today.
In 2004,our international sales department was set up to supply our UV curing products to the customers all over the world.We offer both superior performance and the best product support to our customers and now Allplace has been a well-known brand in our field.

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Advantages And Benefits Of UV VarnishUV paint is a single component, the process does not require the use of curing agent or diluent and other ingredients, easy to use, useless paint as long as it is not exposed to light, to see continued use, there is no time limit.